Sunday, December 18, 2011

Baby's Sponge Bath

A bath given to a baby before he gets a full tub or when baby cannot
take a full tub bath.

1.  Cleanses baby's body.
2.   Refreshes the baby.
3.   Lowers body temperature.

1.  When the baby's navel is not yet healed and dried.
2.   When the baby is sick and tub bath is not advised.
3.  When circumcision is not yet healed.


1.      A basin of warm water at 98.100'F or comfortably warm.
2.     Soft washcloth or a piece of old, clean "kamiseta."
3.          One soft towel for drying.
4.     One large bath towel.
5.          Baby's shirt and diapers.
6.          Safety pins for diapers.
7.      Baby powder, baby lotion or baby oil-optional.
8.     Cotton balls, cotton applicators in clean bottle with cover.
9.          Alcohol.
10.     Any mild soap.

1.      Bathe baby at a regular time, preferably before the mid-
morning feeding.   Don't give bath immediately after
2.   Room should be warm with no drafts coming from the
         opened windows and doors.
3.     Assemble all things needed for the bath on the table or on
the bed. If on bed, care is taken not to wet the bed.
4.     Water should be comfortably warm 98.100'F. Test it with

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