Sunday, December 18, 2011

Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing (also referred to as colon therapy) incorporates a number of alternate medical therapies designed to get rid of waste material as well as nonspecific unhealthy toxins from your digestive tract and colon. Colon cleansing normally takes the type of colon hydrotherapy (also known as a colonic or colonic irrigation) or oral detoxing regimens which include health supplements. During the 2000s online marketing as well as commercials of colon dietary supplements improved.

Several types of colon hydrotherapy utilize tubes to inject liquid, in some cases combined with herbal treatments as well as with other essential fluids, to the intestinal tract through the rectum making use of special apparatus. Oral cleaning regimens employ soluble fiber, herbal products, nutritional supplements, or even laxatives. Folks that apply colon cleansing assume that accumulations of putrefied fecal matter lines your walls of the large bowel and that those accumulations possess parasitic organisms or pathogenic stomach flora, leading to nonspecific symptoms and common ill-health. This "auto-intoxication" theory is based on medical related viewpoints of the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks and has been discredited in early twentieth century.

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