Sunday, December 18, 2011

Baby's Tub Bath

A full immersion bath to refresh and clean the baby.
1.   Cleansing.
2.   Refreshing.
3.   Sedative effect.

1.   Newborn babies whose navels are healed and dried.
2.   Healthy babies up to 1 year old.
3.   It is best to give baby's tub bath at about the same time
                everyday, before the mid-morning feeding.

1. Bath tub with warm water (98.100°F).
2. Soft washcloth or a piece of clean "kamiseta."
3. One soft towel for drying.
4. One large bath towel for wrapping baby.5. Baby's shirt and diapers.
6. Two safety pins.
7. Mild soap.
8. Baby's powder, lotion or oil (optional).
9. Cotton balls in a bottle with cover.
10. Cold water-one small can ("tabo") to finish the bath.
1.            Fill  up baby's bath tub to 2/3 full with warm water
(98-100°F).   Test water with your elbow, if no thermo-
meter is available. Water should be comfortably warm.
2.  Prepare one small can ("tabo") of tap water or cold water.
3.  Assemble all things needed on the table or floor and keep
    the room warm, free from draft coming from windows and doors.
4.. Spread the bath towel on the table near the tub.
5.  Place baby on the towel and remove clothing and diapers.
6.  Wrap baby's body with the towel and clean the face, neck,
    and ears with the soft washcloth, dipped in warm water.
    Dry the face, neck and ears with soft towel. Do not soap
    baby's face.
7. Hold baby with your left hand if you are right handed, and
   support  baby's head covering baby's ears with your
   thumb and third finger.  Shampoo baby's head over the
   tub of water. If there are scales on the scalp, apply baby
   oil after drying the hair well and leave oil on overnight.
   Rinse well the soap on the head before putting on oil.
8. Remove th.e towel and place baby inside the-tub. While in
   the tub hold him firmly on upper arm near the armpit, sup-
   porting his head with your forearm.
9. With your right hand soap and rinse well the baby's body,
   legs, and arms with the soft washcloth.
10.Clean the genitalia. If baby is a girl, separate genital folds  
   carefully and clean between them with a downward stroke of the cotton balls.  If baby is a boy, clean foreskin with cotton applicators.
11. Pay careful attention in cleaning all skin folds and
    creases. If baby is fat, there will be more skin folds and
    creases to clean.
12. At the end of the bath, lift carefully the baby up from the
    water and carefully pour the cold water on baby's body.
    Be careful not to pour the cold water on baby's face.
13. Wrap baby immediately with towel and dry well, keeping
    him warm.
14. Dry baby's body well, especially all skin folds and
15. Apply lightly baby's powder or lotion when skin is dry.
16. Dress baby with clean shirt or clothes and diaper. Keep him warm.
17. Give "calamansi" juice or milk.

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