Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hydrotherapy: Non-pharmacologic Pain Management in Cancer Patients

Hydrotherapy has many medically accepted uses. It involves in using water as a form of ice, liquid or steam. Hydrotherapy has also been proven helpful in many ways like making a person relax or alleviate minor aches and pain. However, there is no evidence that any form of hydrotherapy can treat or prevent cancer.
The most common uses of hydrotherapy include using water in wound cleaning, ice packs, steam baths or hot springs, warm moist compresses and drinking water to rehydrate our body.

Hydrotherapy using ice packs reduces inflammation and swelling. It constricts blood vessels thus reducing circulation in the area, which reduces the swelling.
Hydrotherapy can also be used in exercise and physical rehabilitation. Less strain in the bones and joints when an exercise is performed on water. Water resistance also limits a little movement thus help build muscle strength.
Some claim that bathing in warm water and hot springs boost the immune systems’ defense against diseases enhances digestion and stimulate the mind. Some proponents claim that Colon therapy, a form of hydrotherapy, cleanse the bowels and help cure cancer.

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