Sunday, December 18, 2011

Alcohol Rub

The application of alcohol to a patient's body by rubbing with bare hands of one giving the rub.

1.  Stimulates blood vessels.
2.   Lowers body temperature.
3.   Reduces sweating.
4.   Prevents chilling.
5.   Refreshes patient when bath is not given.
6.   Protects pressure areas by the astringent effect on the skin.

1.    Bottle of (50-70%) rubbing alcohol.
2.   Bath towel.
3.   Sheet or blanket to cover patient.

1.   Remove clothes and cover patient with sheet or blanket.
2.   Expose one arm and place towel under the arm.
3.   Pour alcohol into cupped hand to avoid chilling the
    patient. .
4.   Rub alcohol on the arm with an upward stroke, returning
    with rotary movements to cover the entire surface.
    Repeat as needed.
5.   Rub with light friction using both hands until arm is dry.
6.   For cooling effect use short alternate strokes to aid
    evaporation of the alcohol.  Finish with three superficial
    strokes from the shoulder to the hand, using both hands
    to cover the surface. Be sure patient is dry.
7.   Do the same procedure on the other arm and the legs.
8.   For the chest: Apply alcohol with one long stroke. Start
    from shoulders to the center of the chest encircling the breasts with the finishing strokes on       the sides of the chest.
9.   Repeat the same stroke on
the chest for 3 to 5 times or till the alcohol has    evaporated.
10.   For the abdomen: Use circulatory strokes, starting at the midline upper area of the abdomen down to the lower  part covering the entire area. Legs should be bent to relax  the abdominal muscles. Repeat    stroking as needed.

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